First Triple-Strand Necklace

This one had been 'in the works' for a few weeks. After ordering those box clasps, my head filled with ideas on how to use them. Yes, I did purchase them in the hopes of selling them, but I might just use them all. Yes!!!! LOL!
This neclace started as a custom ordered bracelet for my friend Deb. I knew I'd like the look of the beads in a crochet rope, so I made sure to string enough beads to make a lariat. But the lariat got lost somewhere... I got to the longest length here, and the wheels started turning, and I thought: Hmmmm..... I wonder what this would look like i
n multiple strands?.... Hmmmm. Well, wonder no more my beady friends, here it is. I call it "Something New, Something Blue..."

It took me a while to choose the right end beads to the ropes. I wanted something understated, but that would still stand out. I found these light blue disks in my stash, and when I put them next to the clasp, I noticed they brought out some of the blue undertones within the shell. I tried some crystals in light pink, and in amber color, but this just jumped up at me. So there.... It feels absolutely luxurious on, the strands drape softly, and it has a certain 'weightiness' (did I make that up?) to it... I'm going to have a seriously hard time letting go of this one... Oh who am I kidding... I have a hard time letting go of ANY of my pieces...

A closeup of the clasp

LOL! It's dawning on me that some of you might believe I've forgone sleep (I could never do that, I dream up too many of my designs, literally). Well, I'm just one of those artists who can't let go once the seed of a thought errupts, and I have to see the project come to fruition, and as soon as possible. How many of you have told your loved ones "Just one more row...", hmmm? ;)

Now, if you'll excuse me, I really should eat lunch, but as soon as I'm done eating, I'm finishing another crocheted lariat that I started a few weeks back, and of course, I'll have to photo it, and post it, LOL!!!! (Wow, 3 in one day! I might be addicted!)



jin said…
That looks AWESOME!

I LOVE the little blue beads on the end. It makes the whole neclace just 'light up'...or somethin like that! LOL!
Jewels said…
Thanks. I like the blue beads too. Just a little something 'different' to catch the eye. C thought it was pretty incredible when he saw it. Yay, we both have hubby's who encourage us in our endeavours! That ROCKS!

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