They're here! They're here!!!! Look at all my pretties! Oh, I was really miffed at waiting for them for so long (TWO WHOLE MONTHS PEOPLE!!!) but they finally made it!
In this order, I got pressed glass beads, pearls, silk bags, and clasps. I search the world for different beads that my discerning custommers will not find anywhere else (locally). I want to be that one local Shoppe where custommers go "Oh, you want that? Then you need to go to 'Le Beadoir'..." or "You say you can't find those? Have you checked 'Le Beadoir'?"... LOL!

Seriously though, that's what I want! The beads bellow, I've seen similar ones locally, but not quite the same. These ones have a sharper edge to them, whereas the other ones are rounded.

Haven't seen these anywhere else, and I wanted to check them out. I've already got a crazy idea for them, which of course I cannot wait to share with you! I ordered them in 6-7 different colors, but it seems that only 4 make it. For sure I ordered them in black, but 'lo and behold, black did not make it.... Oh wells, thems are the 'breaks'....

Mmmm. Pearls! You must know by now that me and pearls are TIGHT! Something stirs deep within me when I see them. Something that makes me want to hold them, feel them, fondle them..... I don't know if it's their irridescence, their luster, or their 'Perfect Imperfection' that gets me, but I have never met a pearl I did not like.... One of these days, dear readers, Jewels WILL own a big, fat Tahitian Black Pearl... And she'll be mine... ALL MINE!!!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!... K. on to the post..... LOL!!! See these pearls? Mmmmm, they look so delicious to me. So delicious in fact, that when I was describing them to my mom on MSN/webcam last night, my daughter chimed in "Well eat them then!!!! Put them in your mouth and eat them! Just chew them all up!!!" ... Funny little bird, isn't she? LOL! The top 4 strands are called 'Buttons', they're so tiny (3mm), and will make wonderful accents in my new Bridal collection pieces. In the center, see those? Those are 'Coins'. Coins are'a expensive'a people. The cheapest place I could get them was from Fire Mountain Gems, but at $21.59 USD/ a strand, I couldn't afford them. But here I can.... LOL! Plus, mine are 13 mm, as opposed to 10mm... AND, mine are natural, NOT dyed... TYVM!!!! And the bottom 4? Those are called 'Potato' pearls. Oooh, wait until you see the earrings I make with those!!!!!

The clasps. Oh, the clasps... The ones above are called 'box' clasps, and these ones are adorned with 'bliter pearls' Have I ever explained a blister pearl to you? It's what happens when the pearl isn't quite finished forming (blister), and therefore cannot be perfectly separated from the shell, but instead of discarding the whole oyster, the culturist shapes the whole shell to keep the blister in. Sometimes, the pearl can be removed from the shell, but a bit of the shell will remain attached to it, creating an oddly misshapen pearl. (I like those... Oh, alright, I know I already told you I've never met a pearl I didn't like, but I DO....). The other ones could be categorised as a 'slide' clasp. They're silver tubes that slide into one another. And do you know how much FMG is asking for those ones? Come on, guess.... Give up? Go check it out here!
Isn't that crazy????? (Let me just say that I got them for WAYYYY less than that! even at the best price break... In fact, this whole order cost me about the same thing it would have if I'd purchased these 20 clasps from FMG - including exchange and delivery charges..) Yes, I purchased 20 of them, and yes, I know that's a lot... But you know what? I bet I could use them ALL!!!! But I won't. I'll sell a few... Just a few... ;)

I've been wanti
ng to invest in some different bags for my pieces, something that would make it easier for a person to present them as a gift. And besides the presentation, I thought it would be a nice way to presevre/store a piece. These silk drawstring bags are so precious! I really like them. The're not as big as I had expected, but they'll be perfect for smaller pieces. Mmmm. imagine receiving such a precious parcel, untie the knot, pull the drawstrings open, and what shall you find right there, sitting at the bottom of the bag? How about a strand of delicious PEARLS!!!! I say that'd be worth the wait... LOL!

So, what'd you think? You likey???? K. I guess I should get to work then. I'm going to have to post some pics of the lovelies I'll be making with my new stash! See you next year!!!! LMBOOOOO!!!!!



Getting an order in of bead stuff is sweeter than Christmas. I have two dream gifts: A spending spree on bead stuff (name the amount, I don't care), or a shoe spending spree (again, name the amount, I don't care!).
Jewels said…
Oh, Sweetheart, you and I were cut from the same cloth. Give me beads, pearls, gemstones, but if you want my heat (Not by way of my stomach of course, as that would mean feed me dark, bitter-sweet CHOCOLATE!), I would say "Take me to the SHOE STORE!!!!" MMMMMM..... Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Anjolino... Yeah, chocolate may be the way to my heart, but shoes, well, they're the way to my, er, sole? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!! ;)
jin said…
OH!!!! YES!!!! The box clasps!!! I never thought I'd get so excited looking at a 'box clasp'!
They are STUNNING!!!!!!
Jewels said…
Okay, Jin, you are too funny!!! Now, the nuances of sentiment being lost through the lines of on-line messaging, are you being a tad facetious here, or are you entirely serious..... Truly, I can't tell at this point. ;)

Love YOU!!!!
jin said…
First pic that popped up I saw those claspy things in the center. At the time I didn't know they were clasps, I thought they were a unique bead or maybe *BLUSH* something you'd use on a ring! LOL!

I can't believe they're just a clasp! So beautiful! If I had one of these on a necklace I'd want it to twist backwards ALL the time!

Jewels said…
funny you should mention the 'twisting' backward, as the necklace I'm designing is made to be worn with the clasp to the side!
Great minds, darling, gread minds... ;)
LJ said…
What a haul! Absolutely mouth-watering. Jewels, I would KILL to find a decent price on sterling slide clasps!
Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, especially the pearls!
Jewels said…
Hey LJ! Yeah, a VERY mouth-watering haul!!!! I've yet to slice into a pearl strand (I do this all the time, they're too pretty to use! LOL!)

I know a girl who sells silver slide clasps for a good price if you're interested, ;)

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