New Triple-Strand Bracelet

So since I'd been waiting for my new finishings for over 2 months, I've been busy producing. Pays to prepare, I always say... I've been spending the last few days putting the finished products together. Here's the newest bracelet done with a blister pearl box clasp .

I love it! I suppose I could add this piece to the bridal collection. I can imagine a beautiful bride, beachside in a gauzy, flowing dress, and this lovely cuff adorning her wrist. Hmmm. Needs earrings... LOL!


Mandi said…
Beautiful Job! So, is it crocheted or Ndebele stitch or what? I'm not good enough to tell yet, lol. And I agree the bracelet wants earrings ; )
Jewels said…
It is indeed crochet. It's one of those techniques I seem so always come back to. I love it! I can't stop! I'm HOOKED!!!! LMBO!!!
jin said…

last night D asked what kind of jewelry you make. I said I 'd send him the link to your website so he could have a look-sy.

He said, "But what do they look like? Tell me."

I said, "Jewels jewelry looks like my wedding cakes."

D said, "NO WAY!!!"

I said, "OH YEAH!!!"

Um...kinda like this bracelet:

Jewels said…
So, does that mean you think my work looks yummy? LOL!
That's awesome!
LOL! My word ver. was: pulpzzt
LJ said…
Oh I LOVE these. I'm really fond of triples. Often do my peyote stitch in sizes that fit inside one another. These are gorgeous, Jewels.
Jewels said…
Thanks LJ!
Y, I think it brings back the "Law of Three" for me, so I'm fond of triples as well.

I'll try to keep up with posts more regularly now that I'm in the "City", LOL!!!

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