Multiple-Strand Bracelet

Well, even with my gimpy finger (see here for a good laugh...), I managed to make something yesterday. I just had to. I'm tired of just sitting here, and not being able to play with my beads... It totally sucks!
So, I gingerly held the crochet hook in my right hand, and made sure to maneuvre it with my big 'ole index sticking up in the air, and controlled it with my middle finger. It felt really awkward, but I did it!

I used one of the clasps I got from China on my last shipment. It wasn't exactly what I had expected, but I think it worked well. Diane and I have been waiting since May 21 for the last one... Seems they had sent it, but there was a slight descrepancy in the shipping addy, so they had to send it back to China!!!! So, after finding out the shipment had been 're' received from the manufacturer TWO WHOLE WEEKS AGO, Dee got a bit miffed and sent them a letter stating something along the lines of taking our business elsewhere, and could you please send us our money back... Seems they miraculously tracked down our shipment, and are sending it back ASAP... Should be here in a week or so.

I like this company, I like their wares, and the prices are right. It's just a bummer when things like this happen, you know? This shipment was already paid for, and I've started saving up for the next one: I'm gonna get more pearls BABY!!!

Oh well, Peace out!


That turned out beautifully, gimp finger or no gimp finger!
Jewels said…
Thanks J.R.
Y, I figured if I can handle it, I'll just keep plugging away at my old projects here.
I have a few sitting at my 'station' just calling my name... ;)
LJ said…
I love it. Oh, show me a big hunky cuff-style bracelet and I'll follow you anywhere. Focal piece is gorgeous, Jewels - and beadchoices perfect, as usual. Really juicy and rich.

May your finger and my stupid carping carpal tunnel depart of the nether regions soon.
LJ said…
Depart TO nether regions I mean. Sigh.
Jewels said…
LMBO! LJ! Y. my mother has Carpal Tunel. Have you ever heard of a devise called a "C Trac"? I have one, and though I was never diagnosed with CP, I did have some mild symptoms of it, due to all the typing I had to do in my translating job, and beading of course. Look it up, it's awesome. Works wonders!
jin said…
EXCELLENT piece, even with the finger!!!

Re: the carpal tunnel.
The Vitamin B-6 not only prevents it but can completely reverse all stages if taken frequently enough.
I take it frequently!!! LOL. Have to because of ALL the piping! I will personally SWEAR by its efficacy!
MeHereNow said…
Oh my word!I can't remember how I got to your blog but boy am I glad I did! Your stuff is gorgeous! I can't carry off "nice" stuff like this but it doesn't stop me thinking how beautiful it is and how talented you are to produce it! WOW!
Jewels said…
Well welcom, MHN! (I couldn't find your name on your blog, so I'll simply use these initials, LOL!)
Thank you for stopping by, and for finding my piece so gorgeous. I'm glad you liked it.

Methinks you might have found me through Lesley's blog. Could that be it?
Man, I'm LOVING all the networking of blogging. It's awesome!
The Lone Beader said…
That is so beautiful:)
Jewels said…
Thanks Diana.
As soon as I can hold my crochet hook properly, I'll be making a few more. (I just got a stash of gorgeous blister pearl 3-strand clasps that are simply dying to be used! LOL!)

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